Psychometric Assessments

The 15FQ+ provides an in-depth assessment of the full sphere of human personality. It is used in industry to determine the likely behavioural responses an individual will display in a particular setting. The FQ15+ results provide insight into how people typically think, feel and interact in ways that may be productive or counter-productive for your organization. It has been developed to ensure culture and gender fairness.

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The General Reasoning Test (GRT2) is a comprehensive, in-depth and accurate measure of mental ability. It comprises of different tests that have been designed to assess reasoning power for general ability. As mental ability has been consistently found to be the best single predictor of job performance, the GRT2 is an essential tool for cost-effective selection and assessment across a wide range of roles.

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The Graduate Reasoning Test (GRT1) is a comprehensive, in-depth measure of mental capacity. This test has been designed to assess the high level reasoning ability of management and graduate level staff.
The Graduate Reasoning Test Measures:

- Verbal reasoning
- Numerical reasoning
- Abstract reasoning

The GRT1 is quick to complete, taking just half an hour, yet it provides a comprehensive assessment of mental ability.

The Critical Reasoning Test Battery (CRTB2) provides a detailed and accurate measure of Verbal Critical Reasoning and Numerical Critical Reasoning.The test results are scored and normed through the software, immediately producing a profile against the desired norm group. It consists of tasks that are much closer to typical management functions than most traditional reasoning test.

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The CTB2 test consists of four tests that assess a range of clerical aptitudes and skills: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Clerical Checking and Spelling. Designed for general clerical and administrative positions to produce a candidate profile. It provides a short yet comprehensive assessment of a broad range of core clerical aptitudes and abilities.

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The Occupational Interest Profile (OIP+) provides a comprehensive assessment of vocational interest and personal work needs. The vocational interests refer to work areas which an individual would enjoy, whereas the work needs are related to an individual’s personal needs within a chosen area of work.

The Occupational Personality Profile (OPP) provides a comprehensive assessment of personality. This test produces a profile and an in depth expert narrative report on interpersonal needs, thinking style and emotions. The OPP is used for selecting candidates and for career development and training.

This test is recommended for potential employees who are based overseas. Internet Reasoning Test (IRT2) consists of three parts:

- Verbal Reasoning
- Numerical Reasoning
- Abstract Reasoning

The MTQ48 is a high quality psychometric questionnaire carefully designed to measure Mental Toughness – an individual’s ability to withstand pressure in the workplace environment. It is a key element in determining an individual’s performance in the work place.

Mental toughness can be defined as the quality "which determines in large part how individuals deal with stress, pressure and challenge, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances". Thus far, Mental Toughness has proven difficult to measure, however now with the MTQ48, results can be produced that are both valid and reliable.

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The MBTI is the most widely used instrument in the world for gaining a deeper understanding of self, others and interpersonal relationships. It provides insights on the four basic “people patterns” that hold the key to leadership styles, effective communication, conflict, team building and productivity.

MBTI Types do not show strengths and weaknesses but more an understanding of why people are the way they are. It also tells us about ourselves and even other members of the team with whom we work. Ideas and themes explored using the MBTI tool can be used for future refresher and advanced sessions covering how personality type can be used to understand and manage stress or apply alternative problem-solving approaches.

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The Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) is an English language assessment service specifically for the use of companies and organisations. BULATS is for organisations that need a reliable way of assessing the language ability of groups of employees or trainees. The service is designed to test the language of employees who need to use English language in their work.

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