About Us

With an underlying passion & commitment to the UAE and founded by UAE nationals, we recognize the need for a locally based training and human resources consultancy operating at international standards to make positive change happen.

Working with government and private sector organisations in the UAE, we have an understanding of the unique challenges confronting organisations in the region, taking the local market into consideration when proposing and designing all programmes. Studies conducted in-house have culminated in a wealth of knowledge and the development of a comprehensive personality profile of UAE Nationals, unlike any other seen in the UAE before. 

Our Vision:

To be your local trusted partner committed to tailoring inspirational and innovative solutions that allow you to be a better version of yourself while empowering organizations to develop their most valuable asset - their people

Our Mission:

To make a genuine difference to the lives of our customers. To maximize performance through our results-driven approach coupled with both personal and professional growth to develop the UAE’s change-makers of tomorrow.

For Organisations:

We provide Human Resources Consulting, where we work closely with the organisation, taking onboard the unique culture, mission, vision and objectives of each client.

For Individuals:

We utilise our training and assessment service where we assess employee potential, assist with career guidance, enhance skills and improve productivity. This in turn enhances overall organisational performance..

The assessment information, training and consulting services we provide help organisations create solutions and make decisions that allow them to improve productivity and maximise their human capital.
We deliver the highest possible quality by utilising the latest in best practise tools and techniques from around the world. We work with professionalism to deliver real solutions that make a difference.