This workshop describes how to perform a needs analysis and prepare an outline, select presentation delivery methods, practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills, overcome nervousness , develop and use flip charts, create targeted PowerPoint presentations, utilize white boarding, add video and audio enhancements, and enrich the learning experience with humor, questions, and discussion.

This workshop describes how to plan and prioritize each day’s activities, overcome procrastination, handle crises. It focuses on how to organize workspace and workflow, delegate, use rituals, and plan meetings more appropriately and effectively to make better use of time.

Sales Engineered combines the Art & Science of selling and it is everything you need to persuade and achieve very high levels of success professionally and personally.

In this program we will not just talk about sales, but we will actually go through the secrets and discuss them in workshops and crack the code to becoming unstoppable. There is nothing wrong with being able to sell, in fact it is the most important skill required in today’s competitive marketplace. If you are struggling with selling yourself, your product or service, this program is all what you will ever need.


Two day workshop.

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