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ADDC license process Abu Dhabi

ADDC license process

The Abu Dhabi government has taken substantial steps to ensure that water and electricity consumption can meet regulatory standards. One such step was the formation of ADDC or Abu Dhabi Distribution Company. This organization is concerned with managing electrical consumption, and wiring networks, deciding on electrical distribution to different sectors of society, etc. Owing to the vital role that ADDC plays, it has become mandatory for almost all electrical contractors and firms to complete the ADDC license process in Abu Dhabi. No electrical engineer or contractor can work on projects legally without having this license.

Obtaining the license can prove to be a bit difficult, but not anymore!

With the thoughtfully curated ADDC license process in Abu Dhabi at Know How To, you won’t have to face a single problem acquiring the license or getting the NOC letter. If you are not familiar with your process, do not worry much. In this following discussion, we have shed light on the entire journey, from selecting the employees to acquiring the license certificate.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Finalizing employee list for the assessment

Our priority is to assist businesses in finalizing the list of employees who will sit for the assessment. As the task is not so easy, we follow a streamlined process. To begin with, we ask our clients to list down all electrical contractors, electricians, and electrical engineers who need to take the assessment. After this, we go through each employee’s details to check whether they are eligible to take the assessment or not.

Taking them to the assessment center

After filling all applications for the assessment for ADCC, we schedule a proper transportation to ensure everyone reaches the test center on time. We nominate managers who look after the entire process.

Collecting certificates from the test center

Once the examination is over and the results are declared, we will collect all certificates from ADDC test centers.

ADDC license process

Discussing more QCC certificate

Since not everyone has a clear idea about what a QCC certificate is or its uses, we ensure to arrange a one-day training. During this process, we speak about the purpose of the QCC certificate, its role in the professional career of electrical engineers and electrical contractors, and so on.

Submitting documents to QCC and getting the NOC letter

Once QCC receives all documents of the candidates, they issue the NOC letter, which is nothing but the No Objection certificate that says all submitted documents of the candidates are correct and up to the mark.

Sharing all collected documents to ADDC

We share all received documents with ADCC to process further for the certification.

Issuing license and checking the validity

ADDC reviews all these documents, and if the details match their criteria, licenses are issued for each candidate. The ADDC license has a validity of one year, after which it needs to be renewed.

Since now you have an idea about the entire ADDC license process in Abu Dhabi, do not hesitate to contact our consultants and gather more information.