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E1 course in Abu Dhabi

E1 course Abu Dhabi

Over the years, the Quality Conformity Council, Abu Dhabi, has issued many industry standards and regulations for companies working with electrical engineers. The main aim of QCC is to ensure all products and services meet the industry safety and regulation standards. One of the major areas the entity has paid special attention to is electrical contractors and electrical engineers. Several licenses and certificates are arranged for these professionals. Out of this, the highest level of certification or license issued to professionals is through an assessment and program called E1 course Abu Dhabi.

A brief description of the E1 course in Abu Dhabi

The E1 course is concerned with the regulatory and safety standards of electrical wiring in residential and commercial units. Professionals will learn about designing electrical wiring, installing and planning the same in buildings and other industrial structures, and maintaining the wiring systems throughout this course. Each professional has to learn the regulations presented by the Quality Conformity Council.

Apart from this, every professional needs to abide by the rules and regulations, so taking the E1 course Abu Dhabi is so important for electrical contractors and engineers.

Who can take the E1 course in Abu Dhabi?

The E1 course applies to senior electrical engineers or license-based engineers. Every company or firm hiring senior electrical workers need to verify whether they have an E1 certificate or license or not. This ensures the person is aware about all the upgraded rules and compliances proposed from the hands of QCC and ADCC combinedly.

Our E1 course program in Abu Dhabi

Since taking the E1 course and examination is crucial for electrical engineers, we have initiated the examination and a training program. Our entire course plan is formulated to ensure professionals can get the license and have an ingrained knowledge of electrical wiring safety and regulations set by the QCC entity. This is why we have curated a proper plan with the help of industry experts who know the pain points of engineers appearing for this assessment.

Our course plan is arranged for a five-day program. The first four days are concerned with theoretical training classes. We provide the training through online meeting rooms. Our conductors are industry experts knowledgeable about the new electrical wiring safety and regulations proposed by DoE. After the four days of theoretical studies, we arrange a practical session so that the candidates can easily have an on-hand experience.

E1 certificate Abu Dhabi

After five days, the assessment is held. Candidates have to come to our locations to give the exam. The E1 certificate Abu Dhabi assessment duration is three hours and is held through based on theoretical and practical knowledge. The E1 license is valid for two years, after which the candidates need to renew the same to continue working with their designated company or firm. Since now you know about our entire course plan and the importance of the certification, we assure you no problem will come in your path.

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