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Electrical engineer designing abu dhabi

Modern advancements in electrical engineering have lit, informed, and connected the world. We owe everything from light bulbs and televisions to cell phones and GPS to engineers in this discipline.

A licensed electrical engineer in Abu Dubai can operate as a designer, and an inspector who can test or resolve electrical issues. It is a broad field encompassing control systems, telecommunications, motor control, power transmission, electromagnetic, and signal processing. 

Future of electric engineering

The future is driven by technological advancements and Electrical engineers are playing a major role in this development.

Design, Testing & Commissioning of residential and commercial properties

Construction and manufacturing are the two industries where Electrical Engineers in the UAE are most commonly employed. Engineers in the construction industry generally design circuits and power delivery systems to keep electricity flowing to end users but as technology improves, electrical engineers are getting more opportunities in this field. The building’s planned function will determine the electric design. Because of this, it is essential to know the fundamentals of the project they are involved in.

Upon completion of the electrical installation work, the complete installation must be tested before its ultimate placement into service, which is the exclusive responsibility of the users. The testing adheres to UAE’s specifications. Know-How’s course gives the fundamental rules or essential points to be considered when performing the Electrical design/executing the LV electrical works in residential and commercial structures by the standards established by the regulators.

Certification from the ADQCC.

Quality Conformity Council (QCC) is a government agency of Abu Dhabi that manages export and locally traded products while ensuring their quality meets industry standards. This certification is required for all engineers, technicians, and similar professionals. With us, no professional needs to be concerned about failing the QCC certification exam. Additionally, one can enroll in a one-day training course to improve their performance on the QCC certificate Abu Dhabi exams.

Entry into the electrical engineering community

A trained electrical engineer in UAE can reliably develop applications that assist different professionals in streamlining their services. Know-How offers a program in electrical engineering that covers the fundamental rules or vital factors to be considered when doing Electrical engineering designing in Abu Dubai. This is designed in accordance with the DoE (Department of Energy) Electricity Wiring Regulation (2020), the ADDC recommendations, and the ADQCC ADOT

Know-How provides you with an electrical engineering program that provides the fundamental rules or essential points to be considered when performing the Electrical engineer designing in Abu Dubai.

Electrical engineer designing abu dhabi


All these factors result in a robust and expanding need for electrical and electronic engineers. They are the driving force behind future innovation. Beginning and average incomes are already considerable. According to studies, future employment prospects will be great, with ongoing job security and an increase in cross-over opportunities and diversification. The world needs many electrical engineers due to the rapid development of technology and the quick expansion of emerging nations; therefore, pursuing this field is a beneficial step. Know-How provides excellent opportunities to start your journey in the field.


Haifa A Mubarak

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