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Art of Wellbeing

Art For Wellbeing in the Workplace

With Abu Dhabi Art 2022 just a few days away, new research is suggesting that viewing & creating art might improve mental health.Each day, more and more companies are investing in their employee’s mental well-being. Art Therapy can be a beneficial tool to help employees express their feelings in a non-confrentational way focusing on their […]

Electrical engineer designing

What Can You Do with an Electrical Engineering Degree?

Automobiles, batteries, computers, light bulbs, mobile phones, and satellites are among the most popular and useful modern equipment that consume electricity, a source of energy. Electrical engineers are innovators, designers, and builders who know how to creatively use currents and voltages to advance technology. As with all branches of engineering, this academic field entails the […]

Corporate coaching in Dubai

Why should you hire a business coach?

True professionals in any discipline are the most aware of the influence an experienced Coach can have on their life. In the business world, entrepreneurs and business executives with a competitive edge often have a secret weapon: a Business Coach who helps them achieve superior results more quickly than their rivals. Corporate coaching in Dubai […]

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