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Purpose of Assessment

The MTQ48 is a high-quality psychometric questionnaire carefully designed to measure Mental Toughness – an individual’s ability to withstand pressure in the workplace environment. It is a key element in determining an individual’s performance in the work place. 

Mental toughness can be defined as the quality “which determines in large part how individuals deal with stress, pressure and challenge… irrespective of the prevailing circumstances”. Thus far, Mental Toughness has proven difficult to measure, however now with the MTQ48, results can be produced that are both valid and reliable. 

How it Improves Quality of Hire:

MTQ48 is practical, flexible (the tool has multiple uses for trainers to interpret, coach and run workshops to develop mental toughness), and valuable in providing feedback on training value.

Taking only 8 minutes to be complete, the MTQ48 provides valuable insight into how an individual approach a challenge, change and any stresses in both their life and in their work. 

The MTQ48 provides an overall measure of Mental Toughness through the measure of four key components: 

  • Challenge
  • Control
  • Commitment
  • Confidence

Following the assessment, different reports are generated according to different requirements, these include: 

  • The Development Report
  • The Assessment Report
  • The Coaching Report
Validity and Reliability:

The validity and reliability of this assessment tool has undergone stringent tests for over a decade. Most have proved it to be a highly effective and reliable tool as a measure for mental toughness

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