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Cognitive training in Abu Dhabi

cognitive training abu dhabi

During the early years, parents are mostly concerned with the cognitive development of their kids because it determines their concentration power, learning and thinking ability, reasoning skills, and ideation. This is why we have included a new way of cognitive training in Abu Dhabi. Studies have shown us that our brain plays a major role in deciding the options, which are not reserved only for mental decisions.

For instance, when we play a game, our brain assesses the situation and tells us whether to move the joystick left or right, and accordingly, we act. We think that if the brain has so much power to influence our actions, we can harness the brain and body waves to train our mind to control most things. This is why we have introduced a new device for cognitive development.

[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]This device is called Play Attention, and kids need to wear it on their arms. The device comes with many games where kids have to train their brains for moving objects shown on the screen or actions that they need to perform to win the game. The device captures body waves and accordingly passes the message to the brain. Here, the mind becomes the joystick or the controller and controls all actions and performance. 

Exercises related to Play Attention

We have formulated the device so that it can easily facilitate cognitive training in Abu Dhabi. We have added five exercise plans, which are:

  1. Play Attention Stamina enhances attention power for a long time.
  2. Time on Task is centered around the early start of an activity and the ability to maintain focus throughout till the activity is completed.
  3. Discrimination Processing is the exercise through which one can increase focus on a particular thing or element while blocking out everything else for the time being.
  4. Visual Tracking concerns the ability to focus on an object in motion, irrespective of its speed.
  5. Short Term Memory Sequencing is the exercise required to train the brain to collect data and extract information for future use.

Play attention abu dhabi

With our Play Attention, one can improve the coordination between senses and the brain’s activity. So, if you want to improve and enhance your cognitive power or your kids’, connect with us to know more about the device we have launched.