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Cognitive training abu dhabi

A child who lives in a consistent structured house, and has limits and expectations is more likely to feel confident. When a child knows what comes next and knows what to expect, it gives him a feeling of order, security and empowerment versus a child who can develop anxiety of uncertainty. Structure can make children’s lives feel safer and more dependable.

Structure teaches a child about responsibility. If you teach your child to brush their teeth every night before they go to bed, they will eventually learn to do it on their own.

How to add structure into a child’s life?

  • Be as specific and consistent as possible, bed routine is a good one, in bed by 7, does not mean on some days but all days. For example, I often tell parents give the children a window of when to go to bed between 7-8.
  • Focus on specific behaviors. Avoid vague rules like “be good.”, we often forget that children are learning as they go, by telling them to ‘be good’ it can be so vague and not clear to a child, therefore be more specific.
  • Start with one or two rules and add new rules as needed. A large number of rules will be difficult to follow and enforce.
  • Rules should be realistic and fit your child’s age and development.


Haifa A Mubarak

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