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Play attention

Cognitive skills are the mental skills we use to think, learn, and remember. They include our ability to pay attention, remember things, plan, organize, make decisions, and conclude actions. Everyone has these skills, but their capacities differ.

All of us have at least once had a colleague or a classmate who always came up with great ideas, has attention to detail and even a good memory, one might think they were a genius. They just had better cognitive skills and thankfully cognitive skills can be developed through cognitive training in Abu Dubai.

Improving your cognitive skills

If you take Cognitive training in Abu Dubai, experts employ different ways to enhance your skills. They help you in the following ways:

Challenge your brain

Your brain, just like any other muscle, requires regular exercise to keep itself fit. One way of doing so is engaging in activities challenging the brain, such as puzzles, brain teasers, and memory games. Engaging in these activities can help keep your mind sharp, improve your thinking skills, and enhance your memory, focus, reasoning, and processing abilities.

Expand your horizons

Another way of improving cognitive skills is to learn new things, such as a new language or musical instrument. With new technologies and ideas emerging all the time, learning allows us to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. It also helps us to better understand the world around us and to make informed decisions.

In addition to the practical benefits, learning new things can also be enriching. This is especially beneficial for older adults as it can help keep their minds sharp and prevent age-related problems.

Cognitive training abu dhabi

Keep your body healthy

Additionally, staying physically active and eating a healthy diet can also help to improve cognitive skills. There are several ways in which physical activity can benefit cognitive activity.

First, physical activity can help to improve blood flow and oxygenation to the brain. Second, physical activity can help reduce inflammation throughout the body, including in the brain. Third, physical activity can help stimulate new brain cells’ growth. All these mechanisms work together to improve cognitive function and brain health.

Manage your stress levels

High-stress levels can harm your cognitive abilities. Stress reduction can help you focus and improve your ability to pay attention to details.

A low-stress level allows the individual to be more relaxed, which in turn allows for better focus and concentration. Additionally, a low-stress level can help to improve memory recall and prevent forgetfulness.

Cognitive training abu dhabi

Cognitive abilities in the workplace

Several cognitive skills can be useful in the workplace, including problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, and creative thinking. These skills can help employees to be more effective and efficient in their roles and can also help to improve communication and collaboration within the workplace. Cognitive training in Abu Dubai helps you improve your cognitive abilities by engaging you in several innovative activities.

Know how has introduced a device to monitor cognitive development, named play attention which is 25 years of our specialized NASA-inspired technology, and customized executive function training programs which include a variety of games in which children and adults must train their minds to perform activities to win the game. The device detects body waves and sends the message to the brain. The mind takes on the role of a joystick or controller, controlling all actions and performance. Play attention has improved the lives of children and adults around the world.


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