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ILM Qualification

The ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) is a UK-based organization that offers qualifications in leadership and management. The ILM qualification is a professional development award that is designed to help individuals improve their leadership and management skills. The qualification is made up of several units, each of which covers a different aspect of leadership and management.

They provide courses from Level 2 through Level 7, and each award can be earned as a Certificate, or Diploma, depending on how many credits are earned at each level.

Benefits of ILM qualification

ILM qualifications offer many benefits to both individuals and businesses. For individuals, an ILM qualification provides the opportunity for skill development and better job opportunity. For businesses, ILM qualifications can help to improve staff morale and motivation and develop a skilled and qualified workforce.

Offers credibility and industry standards

ILM qualifications give you the credible and recognized evidence you need to demonstrate your leadership and management skills. Designed by employers, the ILM range of qualifications allows you to develop in your role and build a portfolio of evidence to show your employer.

All ILM coaching centers in Abu Dubai maintain a high level of rigor and accountability. The ILM coaching and mentoring qualifications are available at three levels, meaning you can progress through the qualifications as your career and responsibilities develop.

internationally recognized

ILM qualifications are respected and preferred by employers across the globe. If you are planning on working abroad, an ILM qualification can be a great addition to your resume.  Even if you do not plan to leave your country for work, ILM qualification lends weight to your resume.

Flexible to your needs 

ILM courses are designed to offer flexibility to learners so that they can study at a time and pace that suits them. Learners can choose to study part-time or full-time and can study online or in a classroom setting. It can be presented as part of an ongoing training program or as a separate course. ILM courses are also typically shorter in duration than other courses, which makes them ideal for those who want to upskill quickly.

Certification courses abu dhabi

Teaches practical application

Organizations are under constant pressure to improve performance, and managers are often required to lead this charge. To enhance the effectiveness of training, any improvement initiative must be tailored to the specific organization and its context. ILM certification courses in Abu Dubai take this into account and teach real organizational skills.

Beneficial for the organization

Organizations that are looking to improve their performance use ILM courses that focus on teaching real organizational applications and skills. These courses can provide employees with the skills and knowledge for better workplace functioning.

Certification courses abu dhabi


ILM qualification develops your leadership skills and management techniques and enables delegates to improve their work performance and career prospects. Moreover, it is provided and recognized all over the world.

Know How provides many certification courses in Abu Dubai, ILM certification courses are also offered by us. Know How Training provides training based on the most recent educational advancements that can help you achieve excellence. 


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