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Psychometric assessment in Abu Dhabi

Psychology plays a crucial role in determining actions, thoughts, decisions, and overall lifestyle. Most people don’t acknowledge their mental health and psychological status, so they fail to improve their performance, productivity, and lifestyle. Although psychology has a huge impact on our personal lives, the issues can be dealt with slowly without much difficulty. This is why we have prepared a psychometric assessment in Abu Dhabi to provide individuals an insight into their mental state, behavior, nature, and so on.
Know-How offers different psychometric assessments
Studies have shown that psychometric assessments can easily help employers learn what their employees are thinking and feeling. Besides, it also helps individuals to know more about their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. However, a single psychometric assessment in Abu Dhabi cannot judge an individual’s nature, behavior, ability and thought processes. This is why we have included five different tests in our list, each serving a different purpose.

1.      Graduate reasoning test

The Graduate Reasoning Test is a comprehensive and in-depth measure of mental capacity. This test has been designed to assess the high level reasoning ability required of management and graduate caliber staff. It consists of three sections: which measure Verbal, Numerical and Abstract reasoning.

2.      Fifteen-factor Questionnaire assessment

The 15FQ+ assessment is mainly done to understand an individual’s personality. This helps us to understand the behavioral responses of the candidates and the thoughts that can drive a person’s actions and decisions. The results of our 15FQ+ assessment help different recruiters to know whether the candidates can add value to their businesses or organizations or not.

3.      Critical reasoning test battery

Another most important psychometric assessment in Abu Dhabi is the critical reasoning test battery. Here, we organize two different parts – one for numerical reasoning and the other one for logical reasoning. Both the test results help recruiters, and organizational heads know whether the candidates are worthy of handling company culture, making proper decisions at crucial times, and so on.

4.      Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test

MBTI is one of the most popular psychometric assessments with which we can learn whether the applicant is an introvert or an extrovert, their communication skills, self-confidence, and self-trust. With this knowledge, recruiters can easily decide if the concerned employees can manage their work culture and live up to expectations or not.

5.      The general reasoning assessment

Another psychometric assessment in Abu Dhabi that we organize is that of the general reasoning test. GRT2 has been designed to assess general reasoning ability. Suitable for non-graduate level applicants, it consists of three sections which can be administered individually or together, measuring Verbal, Numerical and Abstract reasoning ability.
Know the benefits of our well-created psychometric assessments

Are you concerned about the benefits of our psychometric assessments? If yes, the following points will clear all your doubts in a snap.

We help recruiters to know more about the candidates during the pre-hiring phase.
Our clients take promotional decisions with the help of assessment results.
These tests can easily reduce hiring and recruitment costs without putting our clients in a tough spot.

Over the years, we have improved our approaches to arranging the psychometric assessment in Abu Dhabi. This is why our programs are preferred so much. Most UAE top companies collaborate with us to incorporate psychometric assessments within their recruitment and grading processes.