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Cognitive Training Abu Dhabi

Our brain is the sharpest tool in the box, we can train it for sharper cognitive awareness too (it’s limitless!). Brain plasticity allows us to develop habits, and new skills and even change how we think at any point in our life. Just like our body, our brain also grows and develops with age and with the help of cognitive training in Abu Dhabi, you can make it the epitome of brilliance. 

In this article, we will discuss the essential cognitive training exercises and practices to make your brain stronger!

Training exercises to improve your cognitive skills


Meditation is a very ancient practice that is once again risen to fame in the eyes of the masses due to the wonders it does for our mental and physical health.

Meditation techniques have a positive impact on attention, memory, verbal fluency, and cognitive flexibility. It is used as a non-pharmacological intervention for the prevention of cognitive decline in the aged.

A healthy brain resides in a healthy body. Meditation helps us achieve both simultaneously. Not only does meditation act as an excellent stress reduction technique, but it also helps in the prevention of psychosomatic illnesses, blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases. Meditation can help with persistent pain and musculoskeletal ailments, as well as respiratory and dermatological issues.

Give a positive shape to your thoughts!

Thoughts are at the wheel of your life, they drive your important life decisions. Although it is highly difficult to regulate your thoughts completely, with cognitive training in Abu Dhabi you can practice reshaping them towards a more positive form.

Spiraling into constant negative thoughts can lead to several mental health issues, changing your sentences from “I am failing miserably” to “it is a learning experience”, can therefore help you in a long term. Psychologists also use this technique, in form of CBD, to help their clients.

Cognitive Training Abu Dhabi

Seek more knowledge through reading 

Studies have shown that reading can help with the development of attention span, information organization, memory, etc.

Not only reading helps in the development of these skills but it also enhances your social and communication skills. Moreover, it helps you get a better understanding of different languages.

Try memorizing more

Using your memory to remember things like phone numbers or birthdays is a great way to exercise your brain. You can learn different methods to enhance your memory through Cognitive training in Abu Dhabi. Some of the methods that are commonly taught by know-how are:

  • Constructing mind palace
  • Organize your information
  • Using mnemonic devices
  • Reputation and retrieval
  • Engaging all the senses

Cognitive Training Abu Dhabi

Develop new hobbies!

Learning something new involves the use of many cognitive functions such as attention, rehearsal in working memory, retrieval from long-term memory, and metacognitive monitoring, therefore developing a new skill is an excellent way to exercise these functions.

“Practice makes perfect,” as the saying goes. The more you engage your brain in various activities, the better it will grow, and what better way to practice than to learn?


Training your mind can be a difficult job to do but it can help you grow both personally and professionally. Know How can help you with this difficult task with their cognitive training in Abu Dhabi.   


Haifa A Mubarak